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The City of Ashley is a mayoral-style government with an elected mayor and six elected council people. Ashley offers its citizens peace of mind with a full-time police department, volunteer fire department, qualified Emergency Medical Technician staff, and a qualified first response team.

The city, active in statewide economic development, keeps moving forward in this time of economic and technological change. The city is active in the South Central Dakota Regional Council, the Dakota Heartland Champion Community, and many other economic development initiatives.


The city also relies on assistance from several local development organizations such as the Job Development Authority and Opportunities, Inc., which oversees the Ashley Endowment Fund.

Ashley also serves as the seat of McIntosh County, which was established in 1884. The city boasts possession of the 80-year-old county courthouse, which houses county offices as well as the county court of law. The county has several agencies including Health, Social Services, Sheriff Department, Ag Extension Service, District Attorney, as well as proper area for deeds and registry.

Mayor Denny Hoffman

  • Elected: June, 2014
    Term Expires: June, 2018


Welcome to our great city, a small but progressive community and an excellent place in which to live and raise a family.

Our city is located in the south central part of North Dakota just five miles away from the South Dakota border. Highway 11 runs through the center of our town and Highway 3 is located on the west side of the community. Our population is 749, according to the 2012 population census.

Our city has a mayor/council form of government. The council consists of six council members and the mayor, all of whom are elected at large for a four year term. Our six council members are aggressive and work hard to maintain and increase opportunities for new businesses to enter our fine city.

Ashley is the home of a beautiful 9-hole grass green golf course, two city parks, and Hoskins Lake and park which is located three miles west of the city. This lake provides excellent fishing, boating, and skiing as well as fine camping facilities.


The Ashley City Council is elected on a two year rotational basis. Each councilmember serves a four-year term and works on one of the city portfolios. The President and Vice President of the Council hold their offices for two years.





Bruce Speidel


Patti Burian
Term: 2018





Darwin Golz
Term: 2018



Kyle Thiery
Term: 2020
Water / Sewer(c)



Maureen Delzer
Term: 2020
Water / Sewer


Kevin Forsman
Term: 2020

City Assessor: Jolene Weisser       



Cemetery Sexton: Lisa Carlsen



City Auditor


Jolene Weisser

Appointed: July, 2014


The City Auditor, appointed by the mayor with council approval, seeks to make Ashley's City government better and more accountable, by helping to ensure that our local government is efficient, effective, and ethical.

Jolene oversees the Municipal Code as well as the financial records of the City. She has computerized all utilities, along with every account the City has. This year's tasks include updating the Municipal Code and computerizing all fixed assets to be GASB 34 compliant.

Jolene provides monthly reports and briefings to the City Council, who along with the public, needs timely, objective, accurate information about what departments and programs are doing and how they could do it better. By providing this information, we help to hold the government accountable in its stewardship of the public trust, and assist the City Council and city staff in using resources to maximize effectiveness and productivity.






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