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The Ashley Jobs Development Authority and the Ashley Economic Development Council are prepared

to help businesses and entrepreneurs with ideas for business ventures in Ashley.
 A number of incentive programs are available, including the Renaissance Zone that provides tax incentives for qualified projects,
the Ashley Endowment Fund that can provide other assistance, a revolving loan fund to help with financing packages, and staff assistance with any questions you might have.

The Ashley Job Development Authority works closely with local financial institutions, the North Dakota State Economic Development Commission, the Bank of North Dakota and other capital sources to seek funding for new and expanding businesses.

 In Ashley we have three separate community organizations that provide for various economic and community development projects along with our County Bank and Community Credit Union. These include our JDA, Opportunities, INC., and Ashley Lions Group. Through the efforts of all of these organizations and our local city government, along with the help of our regional council, the North Dakota Economic Development and Finance office and the USDA Rural Development department, we have been fortunate in having been successful in bringing funds into the community to help our economic development efforts.

 The local sources feel that there would be a grant of up to $5000.00 and a no interest loan of up to $5000.00 to help with initial expenses and then other funding sources would be secured to ensure the viability and sustainability of this company in Ashley. The community currently has very reasonable lease options available and the local community and financial organizations are willing to provide additional incentives if Ashley is chosen as a potential site, such as low interest loans additional grants from community organizations and technical assistance for development of business, and more.

Renaissance Zone Program

Renaissance Zoning is a program that allows property tax incentives & State Income Tax credits if you remodel either residential or commerical buildings, restore historical sites or build new in a specific designated area of town.  It is a way to encourage growth & revitalization in Ashley. For applications & information on this property incentive. Call the City Office for further information.  701-288-3278. Please contact us - we will be happy to explain this program to you!

Are you planning on moving your business somewhere?

This is your opportunity to get away from the "Big City - Crime - Traffic - People"... and trade it in for "small town living, low crime, little traffic, safety and security" for yourself and your family.

Think about it! What an opportunity!

What would it take for you and your family to relocate in a small community like Ashley?

Primary Care Services
Excellent Education Facility
Excellent Medical Center

Very Low Crime Rate
onderful Outdoor Activities
Nine-Hole Grass Green Golf Course
Very Affordable Housing

Does this sound like something that would be of interest to you and your family?

There are many values held by the Ashley community, each is reflected in the unique character of our town. Citizens have indicated their high level of satisfaction with the "quality of life" Ashley has to offer. Quality of life is a generic term that can be defined by a variety of factors that are unique to a community.

Quality of life is determined by the values of a community. In order to maintain or improve overall quality of life, these underlying community values must be maintained and respected.

Small town feel and atmosphere has consistently been ranked high by the citizens as they identify what they like most about living in Ashley. Like quality of life, small town feel cannot be easily quantified.

But with Ashley, it doesn't stop there. With one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, you can find a peace of mind and safe schools with excellent educational systems, honest citizens, affordable housing, clean air, clean water, and a positive motivation for life.


 Our low individual income tax rates are competitive with other states that have an income tax. The ratesóranging from 1.84% to 4.86%óare applied to federal taxable income plus or minus certain state adjustments

City Services Include:


Water - $13.25 base rate/ $3.75 per 1000 gallons (no free water)

Sewer - $3.50

Garbage - $10.00

Water Tower fee is also included: $.75

Utilities - $30.00 



For Further Informati

on Contact:

City Auditor - (701) 288-3096



City Power Supplier: Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.

Rural Power Supplier: KEM Electric Cooperative, Inc

Incentive Rates Available: Yes, based upon quantity

For Further Information Contact:

Montana-Dakota Utilities
Curt Johnson- 1.800.638.3278


KEM Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Mike Rudolph - 1.800.472.2673

Other Fuels:


Fuel Oil Distributors:

Northern Plains Coop





Coal Source:


Propane Gas Distributors:

Northern Plains Coop
Westside Heating




City of Ashley


Ground Water and Two Wells

Maximum Daily Capacity:

250.000 GPD

Storage Capacity:

Overhead: 65.000 Gallons


Ground: 300.000 Gallons



Storm Sewer:


Sanitary Sewer:


Treatment Plant (type):

Three Cell Lagoon


Capacity: 120.000 GPD


Present Load: 80%

Solid Waste Disposal:

City Garbage Truck



Interstate Highways:

I-94      62 miles / 1 hours


I-29     124 miles / 2 hours


I-90     185 miles / 3 hours

U.S. Highways:

#83     30 miles / 1/2 hour


#281   43 miles / 3/4 hour


Currently Not Available

Motor Freight Carriers:



Terminal Facilities

Lewis Trucking

Aberdeen - 83 miles / 1.5 hours

Hyman Trucking

Aberdeen - 83 miles / 1.5 hours

Midest Motor Express

Bismarck - 120 miles / 2 hours

Cross Country Courier

Bismarck - 120 miles / 2 hours

Area Express, Inc.

Bismarck - 120 miles / 2 hours

Conway Central Express

Bismarck - 120 miles / 2 hours

Quast Transfer

Bismarck - 120 miles / 2 hours

Wintz Freightways, Inc.

Bismarck - 120 miles / 2 hours

Yellow Freight System

Bismarck - 120 miles / 2 hours

Plus Local Carriers Available






Local Airport:

Lighted, 4.300 ft. paved, asphalt runway

Nearest Major Airlines

Bismarck, ND - 118 miles / 2 hours

- 83 miles / 1.5 hoursAberdeen, SD







Real Property

Taxable Value





True and Full Value





Assessed Value









2012 Tax Rate (Mills)










School District
























Tax Example




Assuming that a new building has been erected for industrial purposes, which costs $200,000 to build and is placed on land costing $20,000, the real estate taxes would be computed as follows:



 =Cost of Building


+ $20,000

 =Cost of Land



= $220,000

 =True & Full Value


x  50%




= $110,000

 =Assessed Value


x  10%




= $11,000

 =Taxable Value


x  .36831

 (Mill Levy)



= $4,051.41

 =Tax (Before Discount)


x  .95

 (5% discount for early payment)




 = $3,848.84




Local Non-Property Tax












Retail Sales




Income Wages




It's become common knowledge that employers equate hiring North Dakotans to translates into dollars for their business. With its reputed work-ethic and the well educated workforce, North Dakota can provide more for a day's pay. With one of the highest national averages for productivity due to low absenteeism and turnover, North Dakota is definitely a place to do business.

The apple didn't fall too far from the tree when it came to Ashley. With a smile on their faces, most people in the area have positive motivations to work. Additionally, the local labor pool has excellent trainability, superior productivity, a high degree of self-reliance and low turnover/absenteeism.


Radius of Labor Drawing Area

60 miles



Wage and/or Labor Survey Available




Work Stoppages in Last 5 Years




Manufacturing Workers in Unions




Right to Work Laws



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