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  • Dog & Cat License:  Tags are required for all dogs and cats living in the City.  There is a small charge for these tags, current copy of their rabies vaccination is required.  City of Ashley also has a leash law for animals.  Tags can be picked up at the City Office 113 1st Ave NW


  • Building Permits:  Building permits are required for all new construction, even additions and decks.  Costs range is  $10.00 & up depending on construction type.  Building permits are approved by City Council. Cargo Shipping containers need a building permit and are not allowed on residential property.  Strict guidelines are required for set-backs, distances from lot lines and types of construction, zoning, etc.  Codes must be followed!  Refer to ordinance section to view our code requirements.  Permits are also required for the demolition of structures and moving in of structures. Permits can be applied for at the City Office, Please submit blue prints or sketches of your plans, including how structures will sit on the lot site.  Do not start your project until you have your approved building permit in your hand!


  • Business Permits:  City of Ashley does require local business permits for the resale dealer of Cargo Shipping containers licenses are required to be purchased for $150 per calendar year at the City Office.


  • Raffle Permits:  Raffle permits can be applied for at the City Office  Raffles must be approved at a City Council meeting.  Organizations must meet specific criteria in order to be approved for a local raffle. Be prepared to have the following information available when applying for a raffle:  Date of raffle drawing, address and site of where the drawing is to be held, list of prizes to be given away and their values.  Raffle numbers can only be issued after they are approved by the City Council.


  • Site Permits/Gaming:  City Council approves the site permit only for gaming operations. The Ashley Lions Club is in charge of Gaming contact Denny 288-0022.
ND Attorney General's Applications and other information on gaming rules and regulations can be obtained by calling the ND Attorney General's Office 701-328-2210.


  • Liquor/Beer Licenses:  Liquor and Beer Licenses must be approved semi-annually due December 31st and June 30th of each year by the City Council.  Fees for Liquor & Beer Licenses are as follows: Liquor On & Off Sale:  $1000.00 Retail Beer Only: $400.00.  License holder must also approve their local license with the State of ND annually.  The number of licenses are now restricted by City Ordinance.  Please call 288-3096 for information.


  • Liquor License Transfers:  Liquor/Beer License holders must apply to transfer and pay a $30 fee to transfe their license to another site if they wish to cater a special event at a site other than for that which their license allows.  These transfers must be approved by the City Council

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